God’s Draper – James Foster of Preston

James Foster (1840-1896) was very much a self-made man and the W and J Foster collection at Lancashire Archives (DDX 438), which includes his personal papers, gives a real sense of the ambition, energy and enquiring mind which led to his success. Above all else though it shows how strong religious conviction underpinned every aspect of Foster’s… Continue reading God’s Draper – James Foster of Preston

Dolly Clayton’s Diary, 1777-1833 

  Dolly Clayton was something of a diarist and through the kindness of Captain R.L.B. Cunliffe of Bury St. Edmunds her surviving diaries (for the years 1777, 1783, 1791, 1801-1811, 1812-1823, 1825-1829, 1831-1833) are now in the Lancashire Record Office [this is a slightly edited version of an article first published in the annual report of… Continue reading Dolly Clayton’s Diary, 1777-1833