The Letters of Richard Hodgkinson of Atherton

[This article first appeared in the Lancashire Record Office Annual Report for 1961] In 1792 Louis XVI of France had been dethroned and was shortly to be guillotined : in England George III had already reigned for 32 years, the American Colonies had been lost and the country was preparing for the long war with… Continue reading The Letters of Richard Hodgkinson of Atherton

The Standish of Duxbury Muniments

The Record Office has acquired a collection of some 300 documents (DP/397) relating mainly to the Standish family of Duxbury [this article was first published in the Lancashire Record Office annual report for 1969-70. The collection can be seen at Lancashire Archives and you can browse the catalogue here]. They range from the early 13th… Continue reading The Standish of Duxbury Muniments

Mary, Duchess of Norfolk, 1692-1754

With the death of Mary, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, on 17th September, 1754, the ancient family of Shireburn of Stonyhurst became extinct. For more than 500 years the Shireburns had counted themselves amongst the most wealthy and influential of the Lancashire gentry. They traced their ancestry to Robert of Shirebuen, who was granted the manor… Continue reading Mary, Duchess of Norfolk, 1692-1754